Skirt-holding device.



No. 726,830. PATENTED APR. 2a, 1903. paw. WHEELOGK. SKIRT HOLDING DEVICE. APPLICATION FILED JULY 23, 1902. H0 MODEL. , .FJ Q UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. ETTA W. WHEELOCK, OF NORTH CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS, ASSIGNOR, BY MESN E ASSIGNMENTS, TO SYLVIA W. HUNT AND LILLIAN MAY HUNT, OF BROOKLINE, MASSACHUSETTS. SKIRT-HOLDING DEVICE. SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 726,830, dated April 28, 1903. Application filed July 23, SerialNo. 116,695- (No model.) held at the side of the wearer, thus leaving both h-andsfree. To this end my invention consists in a de-' tachable skirt-holding device comprising a I fob-strap provided with means for attach-. ment to the waistband or belt and a buckle or slide adjustable on said strap and provided with a depending clasp having jaws terminating in pads adapted to be closed upon the gathered folds of the skirt by a sliding ring or other device acting to bring the jaws together. In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is" v a View of my dress-skirt-holding device, illus trating the manner in which it is applied to a skirt for the purpose of holding up the same. Fig. 2 is a view of the rear side of the supbe easily adjusted upon the strap A to enable the device to hold the skirt in the exact posiporting device. Fig. 3 is a front view of the same. Fig. 4 is a rear view of the buckle; Fig. 5 is a rear view of the ornament which is applied to the front portion of the holder. In the said drawings, A represents a fob.-v strap, preferably composed of a piece of ribbon, which may be of a color to match that of the dressskirt with which the holder is to be used, said strap being doubled by passing it through the slotted base-plate 10 of a flat metal hook B, by means of which the holder may be conveniently attached to the waistband or belt of the wearer, as shown in Fig. 1. C is a buckle or slide mounted'upon the rear or inner member or fold 12 of the doubled strap A and preferably made adjustable thereon, said buckle having hinged to its lower edge a clasp or clamp D, preferably composed of a single piece of spring-wire doubled to form a pair of jaws 14 14, each of which terminates in a pad 15, preferably composed of a metal disk covered with soft cloth or other suitable material of the desired color, thereby avoiding the tearing, injuring, or soiling of' the material with which the pads are brought 'into contact, said jaws being adapted to be inner member 12 of the strap A overlies and conceals the clasp D, and the outer member 20, which overlies and conceals the buckle C, is preferably provided with an ornamental slide 21, which maybe secured in place by stitches passed through its rear bar 22 or in other suitable manner, thereby giving the holder a stylish and finished appearance like that of a watch-fob and also serving as a weight to hold the strap in position when hanging free. The edges of the inner and outer folds 12 20 are preferably connected together by means of a-few stitches on each side at about the location of the ornament 21. The buckle or slide C, with its clasp D, can tion desired at the side of the wearer, thus leaving both hands free to carry parcels, um- brella, grip, &c. The above-described holder possesses the advantages of simplicity and durability and can be readily hooked onto a belt or the waistband of a skirt and as conveniently-detached therefrom when not required for use. What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is Y 1. A skirt-holding device comprising a fobstrap doubled to form an inner and an outer member or fold and provided with a hook at its upper end for attachment to the belt or waistband of the wearer, a buckle mounted upon the inner member of the strap and concealed by the overlying outer member thereof, said buckle being provided at its bottom with a skirt-clasp hinged thereto and consist ing of a pair of jaws terminating in pads for contact with the skirt, said clasp being concealed by the lower portion of the inner member of the strap which overlies it, and means for closing said jaws upon the folds of the skirt. 2. As a new article of manufacture, a skirtsupport comprising a doubled fob-strap provided on its outer side with an ornamental device to complete the fob-like character of the strap, a suspension device at the bend of the ETTA W. WHEELOOK. In presence of- P. E. TESCHEMACHER, R. HENRY MARSH.



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