Dental filling.



PATENTED MAY 1, 1906. P. O. G. T. A. OSIUS. DENTAL, FILLING. APPLICATION FILED MAY 15, 1905. In. .E. Znncntup 3y gutornzy v I I yzmzziiw zz witnesses: I 77 Em. .C. (UAW. UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. FREDERICK G. G. T. A. OSIUS, OF MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN. DENTAL FILLING. Specification of Letters Patent. Patented May 1, 1906. Application filed May 15, 1905. Serial No. 260,533. . new and useful dental filling material herein described and claimed, and illustrated with accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is a view of a tooth having my improved fillin in section. Fig. 2 is a view of a mass of the filling. In the drawings represents the tooth, and I) my improved filling. It is well understood that many defective teeth on account of their fragile or weak condition cannot be filled with a hard gold filling hammered into place in the customary wellknown manner. The object of my invention is to provide a soft dental filling containing gold which may be burnished'and polished, so as to give the appearance of an ordinary gold filling when the process of burnishing is completed, which may be used in filling weak or fragile teeth, and which may be ap lied in much less time and at less expense t an by hammering or ressing in a gold filling, the filling, however, l iaving the appearance, as above observed, of an ordinary gold filling when the roce'ss of its-insertion is completed, except t at possibly my improved fi ling when burnished and polished has a somewhat duller finish than when a hard old filling is hammered into place and polis ed. p The dental fillin which I employ may be composed of the ollowing elements. The proportions herein named have been found to give satisfactory results, although the proportions may be varied without departure from my invention. In making said filling I employ, say, two pennyweights of precipitated gold pulverized to a very fine powder. With the recipitated gold I mix, say, one pennyweig t of a suitable cementas, for. example, a zinc cement, which may consist of oxyphosphate of zinc, phosphoric acid, or oxychlorid of zinc, or other cement. To the above may preferably be added one grain of French rouge, although the rouge might be omitted without departing from my invention. These substances are well mixed together, as by grinding the same together, and when thoroughly mixed constitute a powder ready for use or ready to be put upon the market in powdered or other form. It will be apparent that the metal is suspended in and indifferent to the 'cement'i. e. the metal and the cement do not form a chemical union. While I have described gold in particular as mixed with a suitable dental cement, I would have it understood also that my invention contemplates the mixing of any other metal suitable for dental purposes with such a cement. In the process of filling a tooth when the tooth has been treated in the customary manner a suitable amount of this dental filling is then mixed with an ordinary cement liquid until the mixture is of the consistency of thick paste, which is then applied to the cavity already prepared. After sa1d filling has been sufliciently hardened it is then burnished and polished, whereby a gold surface is brought out upon its exterior. This dental filling is especially adapted for such cavities as cannot be filled with gold by the methods heretofore commonly employed for reasons obvious to those skilled in the art. This fillin when burnished and polished has not the 0 j ectionable appearance of ordinary gold fillings. What I claim as my invention is 1. .A soft dental filling material composed of pulverized metal and dental cement mixed together, the metal being suspended in and indifierent to the cement, substantially as described. I 2. A soft dental filling material composed of precipitated gold and a dental cement mixed together, the metal being suspended in and indifferent to the cement, substantially as described. 3. A dental filling material com osed of metal and a zinc cement mixed toget er, substantially as described. 4. The process herein described of producing a dental filling for teeth capable of being specification in the presence of two subscriblournisliled 233d piolisheccl1 ionsisfiiling ofdmixing Witnesses. 1n wit 0 pu venze o a e pow er, a cenent a iid reducing the mixed compound FREDERICK OSIUS 5 to a powder the metal being suspended in and Witnesses: indiflerent to the cement. M. OsIUs, In testimony whereof I have signed this THEODORE F. A. OsIUs.



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